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Deluxe Bath:
A deluxe bath is a bath and brush that includes a thorough double wash in premium shampoo and conditioner that will revitalize your pets coat. They will be fluff dried to soften the coat and add volume. The top coat is then brushed entirely to complete the look. Their nails will be trimmed and ears cleaned with invigorating canine ear wash.

Bath & Trim:
A bath and trim adds a little style to the bath and brush package. In addition to everything included in a bath and brush our groomers will trim leg feathers, tidy up their sanitary area, and thin out their pants. Paw pads will also be cleaned up to finish off the trim for a look that leaves a refreshed full coat.

Tight Trim:
This trim keeps length all over the coat, yet provides a short look at the same time. Usually about 1 inch of hair is left to give that fluffy puppy look.

Breed Standard:
The Breed Standard trim is the common trim for your dog's breed. Provided that the condition of the coat allows for it, our groomers will trim your dog to give them their breed's classic style.

Shave Down:
A Shave Down is when the dogs coat is trimmed very very close. You will be able to see the skin on most shave downs. The face is shaped and styled to blend with the body. The tail can be designed however you like- from long to short.

Shed Less:
Shed-Less starts with brushing the top coat to remove any excess hair. Next your pet will be bathed in premium shampoo and an undercoat conditioner will be applied to help loosen the hair. The coat is then dried with a high velocity dryer to blast away the dead hair. The last step, after your pet is dry, our groomers will brush the undercoat out entirely.

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